A new chapter

Over the last eight months working in tech, I’ve had the opportunity to dive deep into areas that interest me – various technologies and the ecosystems, frameworks and languages around them. On my #TechTable series I’ve met amazing people working in our industry who’ve taught me so much, and have had the privilege of joining communities that have supported me in my learning and confidence.

Late July 2021, I took the next step in my journey and joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Solutions Architect in the Public Sector team. As I mentioned in a previous post about the AWS Community Builder’s programme – a key driver for my move into tech last year (and learning since) has been cloud. I’ll share more on my journey soon: why I chose Solutions Architecture and how you can decide which path is right for you, but for now I’d like to say thank you.

Thank you to those who have inspired me with their work. Thank you to those building in the open, sharing the highs and lows of self-learning and being honest about your career paths. Thank you to those who’ve supported me over the last year as I was looking for jobs, courses to study, building my speaker series, and writing on here – your guidance and encouragement has meant so much.

I have had a great time talking, building and learning from you all, and I can’t wait to bring my experience working with the Public Sector together with exploring the tech that I love.

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