A message of hope

There’s no doubting that the news of London and the South East moving into Tier 4 on Saturday night was a huge blow for many, no matter where you live. This year has been hard. I haven’t seen my sister since February and seen my parents for walks less than a handful of times. Friends and loved ones have battled the virus, and unfortunately many – too many – others in my country and around the world have lost their lives too soon.

I feel anger, sadness, loss – and I urge you to feel the fullest of your emotions – but please remember it is not your neighbours, your friends, or strangers on the internet you should direct this feeling towards. I will keep my personal politics to a minimum here, but I strongly believe that hate breeds hate – but so too does love breed love. As we have been since the first case was recorded in Wuhan; we, as a humanity, are in this together, and there is hope in that.

I am an eternal optimist. I believe in science. I believe in the goodness and kindness of others. And, I believe in the strength of mankind to overcome.

This year, we have all been challenged like no other. But, if you’re reading this, you made it. You did this. You achieved so much by living this year, by loving, by holding onto the hope that this will soon be a memory – a wild, unforgettable, difficult memory – but a memory.

Everyday in December, knowing I wouldn’t see my family this Christmas, I committed myself to one “festive” act each day. A winter-warmer film, a new recipe, a new decoration, a new sing-a-long song.

This week, I encourage you to join me in hope. Cry all the tears you need to, eat all the gingerbread, shout, sing, scream Mariah’s high notes, call your friends, your family – embrace one another.

You matter. You can do this. You are loved.

From me to you this Christmas, I believe in you.

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