2021: A Year of Contentment

In 2020, I rounded off the year with a post on the pursuit of happiness, contentment and feeling grateful. 2021 tested everything I wrote. I had big highs and big lows but – for what felt like the first time in my life – dealt with these swings without judgement, in control and relative calm.

Anxiety and my recovery has been central to my life for many years, but last year – not without it’s many challenges – I felt like I was simply living. I had bad days, I sought help, I cried. I had great days, danced like nobody was watching, laughed a lot.

Recovery isn’t linear, but neither is life. I’ve learned to “live in the grey”, feel pain and embrace joy. Most of all: I’ve embraced contentment. Everyday isn’t going to fill you to the brim with happiness, but that doesn’t mean you lose optimism, ignore challenges and setbacks or pretend everything is OK. Contentment, for me, is rooted in acceptance. I accept me for who I am today. I will live without judgement. Go forward with optimism. Stay present.

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship


Dear Rebekah,

Thank you for:

  • Staying committed to personal growth, contentment and serenity
  • Picking yourself up after dark moments
  • Falling in love with swimming and taking a leap into the pool
  • Starting your speaker series #TechTable and creating such a fun space for discussion
  • Creating new friendships and reconnecting with old ones
  • Finishing an online Computer Science programming course
  • Backing yourself to take your next career step
  • Joining AWS
  • Looking after your loved ones when they needed support
  • Sharing your learning journey with others and staying connected to your community
  • Cooking, eating, on repeat
  • Starting your Coffee Q&A series and highlighting the stories of four inspiring women
  • Bingeing RHOP and quoting the Grand Dame as often as possible
  • Getting your confidence back
  • Taking a break from following the news and social media when you needed it
  • Achieving your first industry certification
  • Belly laughing with friends over nothing
  • Singing your heart out like you’re Adele
  • Moving in with your partner
  • Finding joy in the small things

Here’s to the next 365!

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